CDC Impact: One Million Served

The Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA) is a statewide membership organization that fosters vibrant neighborhoods and improves the quality of life in all communities through advocacy and capacity building of our member agencies.

The majority of our member agencies are community development corporations (CDCs), which are nonprofit organizations that work to bolster their communities through targeted programs and services in affordable housing, community economic development, community engagement, financial empowerment, and food access.

The membership is over 250 strong, and each of Ohio’s 88 counties has at least one member organization serving it.

Over the last few years, Ohio CDC Association (OCDCA) has been working hard to quantify the impact of CDCs throughout Ohio. We’ve been collecting and analyzing data from our member organizations and are excited to share our findings – especially in digestible bits.

We are pleased to state that, each year, over one million people benefit from the work of Ohio’s CDCs.

But what does that really look like? Join us over the next five weeks as we explore CDC impact in Ohio. Each Wednesday, we will share facts, images, and the stories of work happening all across the state in critical areas of community development. We are so happy to share these stories, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Together, we can create a community development environment that comprehensively improves life opportunities for all Ohioans.

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