CareSource Foundation makes significant contribution for social determinants of health

(Front, L to R) Emily Seibel, Judy Jackson, Cathy Ponitz, Jamar Doyle, (Back, L to R) Steve Torsell, Nate Coffman

On October 6th, Ohio CDC Association announced a major gift from and exciting new partnership with the CareSource Foundation for the new Empowering Communities initiative. 

Community development organizations need a mechanism to synthesize ideas and neighborhood feedback to develop innovative, homegrown solutions to their unique challenges. In doing so, they empower their communities. Community development organizations not only listen to their community, but work directly with their neighbors to respond to these pressing problems. Working collectively and inclusively to solve problems results in diverse and truly innovative solutions.

The Empowering Communities program will encourage groups to test and pilot innovative, community-driven solutions to some of their neighborhood’s most pressing problems. This inaugural cohort of the program will provide implementation grants to OCDCA members to test innovative solutions to pressing community challenges related to the social determinants of health. While testing their solution, they will receive technical assistance from OCDCA and undergo an outside evaluation.

We are so excited to work with the CareSource Foundation and see what projects will come from this work.

Since 2006, the CareSource Foundation has awarded almost 1,200 grants to nonprofits who are working to eliminate poverty, provide much-needed services to low-and moderate-income families, encourage healthy communities, develop innovative approaches to address critical health issues and enhance the lives of a diverse array of children, adults and families.

Empowering Communities will begin in the first part of 2018, and we are more than excited for our new relationship and partnership with the CareSource Foundation to bring this program to realization in Ohio. Thank you, CareSource Foundation! 

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