Hillsboro simulation shows poverty is ‘hard work’

Via David Wright of The Times Gazette:

“A role-playing exercise in Hillsboro on Friday was designed to help average people understand what it’s really like to live in poverty.

About 50 people participating in a poverty simulation at the Hi-Tech Center in Hillsboro Friday were assigned names, ages, families, medical conditions and financial situations placing them below the poverty line, then told to pay all their bills and care for their children for four 15-minute intervals representing four weeks – a reminder that for an estimated 42 million people in the United States, poverty is everything but a simulation.

Highland County Community Action hosted the event, bringing in training personnel from the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies to give locals a hard look at what it means to live below the poverty line.”

Poverty simulators are events that happen all over the country. These important days really illustrate why it’s necessary to walk in another person’s shoes. Notable quotes from the article include:

““This was a very realistic presentation,” one woman said. “You gave me a headache and I’m very stressed right now.”

“Poverty is hard work,” another woman added.”

And the best, from Julia Wise, the director of Highland Community Action Agency, “I just want people to get rid of the stereotypes about the poor.”

Read the whole article here.


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