Fundraising development TA opportunities available

OCDCA is pleased to, once again, partner with the Dublin, Ohio based Cramer & Associates to offer a fundraising TA opportunity.

This competitive opportunity will provide six OCDCA member organizations one-on-one fundraising TA. Note, two of these opportunities are reserved for rural organizations as part of the OCDCA USDA RCDI.

Specifically, Cramer & Associates will analyze and address:

* What is the most efficient and effective philanthropic program/structure?
* What development benchmarks need to be created?
* What role should the Board play relative to fundraising?
* What role should the Executive Director play as it relates to fundraising?
* How do we increase funding from current donors?
* Is the organization utilizing staff and volunteer time efficiently and effectively?

Opportunity recipients will partake in leadership meetings with Cramer & Associates. Selected organizations will receive an internal evaluation as well as an analysis report with strategic recommendations including a timeline for implementation, prioritized core goals, organizational structure, and action steps.

To apply, applicants must submit a brief application, which should take about 30 minutes to complete, by 5 pm December 1.


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