Upcycle Parts Shop engages the community though creative reuse

From Nicole Rupersburg’s article in Freshwater Cleveland:

“The Upcycle Parts Shop, a “thrift store meets art supply shop” in Cleveland’s historic St. Clair Superior neighborhood, is the latest evolution of McGee’s work as a community organizer, fundraiser, and creative reuse artist.

She (Nicole McGee) describes a chance run-in with Michael Fleming, the Executive Director of the St. Clair Superior Development Corporation. He was interested in exploring creative placemaking strategies to activate public spaces and breathe some new life into the historic district, while she was interested in upcycling as a practice not only in finding value in discarded objects but also how it can lead to community development.”

We are excited to work with Upcycle Parts Shop for the 9th Annual NACEDA Summit in Cleveland this August.


Read more of the article here.

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