We found it helpful; we hope you can too

After offering two highly reduced fundraising TA opportunities with experts Cramer and Associates last fall, we are very excited to offer four of them this fall.

Last year, we received about twenty applications for the engagement where members received three days of direct TA with months of follow up. While most of the applications were great, we finally chose two: Yellow Springs Home, Inc. and Slavic Village Development Corporation in Cleveland.

These organizations, while very different, received customized assistance as well as a timeline for implementation, prioritized core goals, organizational structure, and action steps. Both organizations reported positive results and are actively working at achieving the goals set forth through this TA.

Cramer and Associates don’t change your plan; they help you best meet your goals (or determine them).

This past summer, OCDCA was pleased to work with them for our fund development endeavors. I won’t say too much on the subject as we are still working with the timeline and planning our next steps, but Mike and Dawn did an amazing job in challenging us to think differently (the staff, board, etc.). We found it helpful; we hope you can too.

We reaffirmed our mission and are ready to look to the future to accomplish both our mission and vision of a community development culture that comprehensively improves life opportunities for all residents.

If you haven’t looked at the application yet or are thinking of not applying, I encourage you to consider it further. The application only takes about thirty-sixty minutes to complete, and there is no cost to apply. Who knows? You might be surprised at the outcomes for your organization.

To apply, submit a brief application by 5 pm Friday, November 13, 2015. Please note, awarded organizations must contribute $500 as a commitment and be a current member of Ohio CDC Association.

Thanks for reading! I hope you take the time to apply. Have a lovely day! -Lisa

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