Call to protect CDBG & HOME funding for community development week

This week, April 17-22, is community development week where we celebrate the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) programs.

Unfortunately, the President’s proposed budget has called for eliminating both CDBG and HOME. Because of this, it is essential that our Members of Congress hear from all of us why we must not only keep, but expand these programs.

Use these CDBG and HOME flyers

To help tell the story of CDBG and HOME in Ohio, we’ve created flyers for each of the programs. View the CDBG flyer and HOME flyer.

You can use these flyers when talking about these programs. The flyers are editable PDFs that allow you to enter your organization’s contact information on the back.

Please call or email your US House Rep and Senators Portman and Brown.

We realize advocacy is not easy for everyone, so feel free to use our sample script below. It only takes 30 seconds to make this call! To prove how easy it is, check out this video of our executive director, Nate Coffman, calling Senator Portman’s office:

 Sample call or email script

Feel free to tweak this script for your own community or use different points from the above flyers.

“Hi, my name is ________ and I’m calling to let you know about the importance of federal community development programs to my local community in zip code, _____.

Specifically, the Community Development Block Grant or CDBG program has created or retained 353,000 permanent jobs.The HOME Investment Partnership or HOME program has generated nearly 5 billion in Ohio local income since 1992 while providing much needed access to affordable housing.

CDBG, HOME, and other federal community development programs work and need to be substantially increased. Thank you!”

Find your Congressperson’s contact information

US House of Representatives – Click here to contact your representative
US Senator Rob Portman – Click here to contact Senator Portman
US Senator Sherrod Brown – Click here to contact Senator Brown

Engage on social media

If you want to keep the conversation going on social media, please use the hashtags #CDBG #HOME and #CDWeek2017. Share pictures and stories of projects you’ve done with these funds. Find us on Facebook (we’ll share your posts!) and follow us on Twitter at @OhioCDC and @NateTCoffman.

If you need help explaining community development, you can use these short Ohio videos that answer:
What is Community Development?
What is the Impact of Community Development?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for your advocacy!

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