Partnership that helps Appalachian counties would be cut under Trump’s budget

Ohio University student paper ran a recent story about the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), a federal economic development agency devoted to Appalachia that was slated for elimination in the President’s recent skinny budget proposal on March 16th.

In it there is a brief background on the ARC, including an interview with Wendy Wasserman, spokesperson for the ARC, and Leslie Schaller, Director of Programs at OCDCA member ACEnet.

From the article:

In Athens, the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks, or ACEnet, has been working with ARC on local economic development since 1985, when one of its first funded projects opened: a worker-owned restaurant called Casa Nueva.

“What’s unique is that (the ARC) focuses on challenged communities,” Leslie Schaller, the director of programs at ACEnet, said. “This section of southeast Ohio typifies the struggles going on (in Appalachia) with job loss and migration of population.”

Schaller added that eliminating the program “could have a significant economic impact” on the region.

Read more on the ARC in Luke Torrance’s article in The Post.

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