Walnut Hills reimagines future of food security in wake of Kroger departure

From Liz McEwan of Soapbox Cincinnati:

“On Dec. 2, Walnut Hills residents woke to the news that their neighborhood Kroger will close its doors for good in early March.

The announcement comes as a blow to longtime residents who, despite considerable economic growth in parts of Walnut Hills over the last decade, have seen neighborhood amenities disappear one after another. Now, with Kroger’s departure, one of their most basic needs — access to food — is being threatened.

The neighborhood Kroger store opened in 1983 and has been in limbo for years. Leaders have been proactively engaged in conversations over what to do if, or when, the store finally closed. Now, a date is set and residents must work together to find a viable and equitable solution to the crisis. Without a plan, food security will become one more thing that divides the neighborhood’s most disenfranchised residents from those with access to amenities beyond Walnut Hills.”

The story continues with talk of how OCDCA member, Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation is helping with this food access issue in an equitable and inclusive way.

To that end, WHRF employee Gary Dangel is tasked with engaging residents to answer one simple question: How do you want to get your groceries?

Read the full story here.

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