Rising rents increase need for affordable housing in central Ohio

Via Jim Weiker from The Columbus Dispatch:

As the new president and chief executive officer of Homeport, Bruce Luecke is on the front line of the affordable-housing battle.

“The issue central Ohio is facing and will face is that homelessness, or at least individuals who qualify for affordable housing — those paying more than 30 percent of their income for housing — is continuing to grow. Rents are outpacing income growth.”

The median cost of a central Ohio apartment has risen from about $700 a month five years ago to more than $800 a month, according to data from Vogt Strategic Insights.

For those on the margins, that’s a lot.

As Luecke puts it, “there’s no silver bullet” in providing affordable housing to those in need. But he believes improvements can be made, starting with greater cooperation among organizations such as his, which is central Ohio’s largest organization for affordable permanent (as opposed to transient) housing.

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