Making the real estate deal in the neighborhood

Join OCDCA and Mark Barbash for the next phase of the Art of the Deal.

The goal of the session is to provide participants with a basic framework that enables a CDC to play a role in development.

Using a few representative case studies, the course will walk through the development components, identifying key information to obtain and questions to ask.

The course would be taught from the perspective of a CDC, while also trying to “get into the heads” of the project stakeholders.

Event and Date Location Registration
Making the Real Estate Deal in the Neighborhood
September 15, 2016
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Chase Building
100 E. Broad Street
6th Floor Board Room
Columbus, OH 43215
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This is sponsored by Citizen’s Bank and will include a round table lunch discussion with Citizens that will focus on two main things:

How a Bank Makes a Decision: This primarily covers the credit factors in a real estate development deal including value determination, cash flow analysis, market analysis, cash flow coverage, collateral coverage, etc.

Rules of the Game: This focuses on some of the non-credit factors: how a bank evaluates the experience of a developer, how banks look at neighborhood deals, what’s the difference between a community bank and a larger regional bank (from the perspective of a neighborhood developer), and how banks look at working with public programs.


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