COHHIO – Out of Reach Report and Ohio Housing Trust Fund Video

The Coalition on Homelessness and Housing (COHHIO) called for an expansion of the Ohio Housing Trust Fund program after the release of a report indicating that Ohioans must earn at least $14.45 an hour to afford rent for a basic, two-bedroom apartment. The report was released by the National Low Income Housing Coalition and COHHIO. “Ohioans’ earnings have stagnated for years, but housing costs continue to rise. A single parent earning minimum wage would have to work 71 hours a week all year round to afford a two-bedroom apartment. And many low-wage jobs are part-time with schedules that vary from week-to-week, so it’s not even possible to work that much,” COHHIO Executive Director Bill Faith said. The report calculated the housing wage by estimating the full-time hourly wage a household has to earn to afford an apartment at fair market rent without spending more than 30% on rent.

COHHIO has also produced a video to explain the benefits of the Ohio Housing Trust Fund. Check it out here:

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