Akron women planting seeds, hoping corn and new lives grow

Once again, cool things are happening in Akron. OCDCA member, East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation is playing a part in this awesome work.

“Four homeless women spent Tuesday morning in East Akron planting seeds for what they hope grows into a small corn field and, by extension, a new life.

The women are part of Future Story, a program run by Haven of Rest Ministries that teaches women how to launch micro-businesses of their own.

Future Story collaborated with East Akron Neighborhood Development on the corn field.


Kyle Julien, director of urban planning for the development group, said the Summit County Land Bank helped his organization gain control of the land, which is owned by a defunct California company.

Last year, the property was so overgrown, the vegetation spilled onto the sidewalks. The East Akron development group worked to clean it up so it could be planted.

Part of the property will ultimately be used as a natural way to help control storm water so it doesn’t flood the city’s sewer system. It’s one of several green projects that could trim the cost of building city sewers by more than $12 million.”

Read more from Amanda Garrett’s story in the Akron Beacon Journal.

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