This month’s walk all over Waterloo may be the most exciting one yet (more on Collinwood)

More and more is being written on the Collinwood neighborhood in Cleveland. Last month, Josh Usmani of Cleveland Scene wrote more on the arts walk.

“Friday’s event marks the start of voting on Northeast Shores’ Ballot Box Project, Ohio’s first “participatory budgeting” project, which allows the community to actively participate in efforts to improve their neighborhood. Thanks to $120,000 from ArtPlace for arts placemaking efforts, no public money is at stake. All residents and employees of Ward 8 are eligible to vote for their favorite project.

“We are so proud to be launching this movement and cannot wait to see the positive impact it will have on our community,” says Brian Friedman, executive director of Northeast Shores Development Corporation.

“We hope to see everyone at the parade to celebrate and support the Collinwood neighborhood! Nothing like this has ever been done in Cleveland. This is really a fantastic opportunity for the public to have a direct impact on their community, and to support local artists, the community, and make a difference.””

Read more here.

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