Crippen discusses HAPCAP in public hearing

A little news from southeast Ohio, from The Logan Daily News, by Josh Givens:

“Glen Crippen, Hocking Athens Perry Community Action Community Development Coordinator met with the Hocking County Commissioners to explain the citizen participation plan and hold the first Community Development Block Grant Funding public hearing.

Crippen presented a draft of the citizen participation plan for 2016 to the commissioners and explained the plan as “an opportunity to make the community aware of the funding.”

The process is governed by the state and federal law, and is referred to by the state as the citizen participation process. The purpose is to gain input from the community and community officials, or anyone who has ideas about projects.

“The state is asking the counties to adopt a citizen participation plan,” stated Crippen. “Which is basically what we are already doing by holding the two public meetings and passing out the local request for funding documents.

“So we’re not changing anything, I would like to propose that Hocking County adopt this document,” Crippen concluded.

The document was given to the commissioners to review and decide on in the future once it’s formalized.”



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