A walk through North Collinwood

“Walking around the neighborhood, there is a sense of optimism in the air. A new streetscaping project was completed in the autumn of 2014 on Waterloo Road, making for a pleasurable pedestrian experience. There are art galleries at every turn, including the much-lauded Waterloo Arts Gallery and the Maria Neil Art Project, and a wide variety of new business development.”

This is just a sample of what you would find when you walk through the Collinwood neighborhood in Cleveland. OCDCA member Northeast Shores Development Corporation works with this neighborhood, helping empower residents and provide outlets for artists.

Read more from the recent exploratory article in Belt Mag.

Waterloo Gallery sign [credit: Thom Sheridan (https://flickr.com/photos/thomsheridan)]

Waterloo Gallery sign [credit: Thom Sheridan (https://flickr.com/photos/thomsheridan)]

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