YNDC: “It’s basic stuff”

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation is once again in the news, this time for their lead on the Better Block initiative in Youngstown. Read the Jambar article here.

Notable quotes from this article:

“Historically, the city’s boarded up a couple dozen homes per year. We’ve boarded up 600 in the past 12 months. Same thing with the grass cutting,” Beniston said. “It’s basic stuff.”

YNDC has been around since 2009. In that short time period, they have done substantial work.

“They are really the main force in helping to improve quality-of-life issues in the city of Youngstown,” [Mayor] McNally said. “The city dollars and city staff cannot do everything. We need additional resources, and YNDC, quite frankly, has become that additional resource.”

Source: YNDC: Demonstrating What’s Possible – The Jambar

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