Zion CDC completes new home and provides other services

Zion Community Development Corporation, located in Oberlin, works to revitalize their neighborhoods through resident empowerment, public improvement, community development, education, and employment opportunity. Last October, the organization held a groundbreaking for a house on 121 Smith Street in Oberlin. This house is nearly completed.


Groundbreaking at 121 Smith Street: (L-R) Carl McDaniel, Joe Ferrut, Carol Spiiros, Casey Gilfether,Nia Mitchell, Jasmine Mitchell Danna Mitchell, David Sonner, Alan Mitchell

The organization plans to complete another new home this year. In addition, Zion CDC provides weatherization, emergency maintenance, affordable housing, a youth apprentice program, and a community garden.

If you are a CDC in Ohio and would like to spotlit on our blog, please contact David Foust, dfoust@ohiocdc.org.

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