SPICE helps launch Barnboard Cafe in the village of Roseville

Barnboard Cafe Road Signage Barnboard Cafe Inside Barnboard Cafe Building

Southern Perry Incubation Centers for Entrepreneurs has assisted Shana Savage with her plan to start a restaurant in the village of Roseville, Ohio. SPICE worked with Shana and her husband Mike to further develop their business plan and apply for a SPICE business loan. The restaurant is named Barnboard Café. Roseville has had no restaurant and there is a fair amount of excitement about Shana’s restaurant from local businesses and individuals that saw the lack a restaurant as inconvenient for the community. Shana and her husband have acquired an old brick office building from long closed ceramics company and renovated it to provide lite breakfast fare, lunch/dinner sandwiches, and specialty hot drinks. The closest competition is a gas station with prepackaged cold sandwiches and a bar which is only open in the evenings. The breakfast and lunch business potential is great with many area professional saying they will order from the Barnboard Cafe for lunch. The Café is also going to provide delivery. It is expected that the restaurant will provide 4 FTE jobs! Congratulations!

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