Jobs, affordable housing lead worry list in Cleveland Fed survey 

The Cleveland Fed began its annual community leader survey in 2011. The top 3 concerns are valid for 2015; jobs ranks number 1 as it did last year as well. Not just having a job, but ensuring it is for a good wage as well. Also, for the first time since its inception, affordable housing ranks as a number 2 concern. This survey covers Ohio, parts of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

According to the Assets and Opportunity Scorecard from the Corporation for Enterprise Development, 26.1% of Ohio homeowners are cost burdened (or spend more than 30% of their income on housing). Meanwhile, a staggering 48.3% of Ohio renters are cost burdened. It’s no surprise to us that affordable housing makes this list. Third on the list of concerns are vacant, abandoned or REO properties. 

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